Toyota Solihull and Macmillan: Fighting cancer together!

Niki Meller is a very special employee here at Vantage Motor Group. Not only does she share the same passion to please as the rest of our employees, working as Sales Administrator at Toyota Solihull, she’s also had an incredible journey proving her determination and strength. Here at Vantage, Niki is a huge inspiration to us all.

Niki is an extremely knowledgeable member of the team, joining the Vantage family in 2013 and working at Lexus Birmingham before her move to Toyota Solihull in 2014. However, on the 23rd December 2010, aged 30, Niki was delivered the devastating news that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Choosing not to give cancer the chance to win, Niki underwent chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery before opting for reconstruction surgery in November 2013. If that wasn’t already enough, in 2014 her sister Rachel was also diagnosed with breast cancer, so in May 2015 Niki had preventative surgery on her non-cancer side.​​

For many of us, this would be unbearable, but not for Niki. Instead, she has thrown herself into volunteering and helping others who find themselves in her situation. Niki said, “Cancer has changed my life massively over the past few years but I have a very happy ending. I get great satisfaction from the work I do with Macmillan hoping that I can help people who find themselves in the same situation my family have”.​​

Niki has always volunteered for Macmillan in many different ways, including her role as a Health Care Champion, her role in the 'Not Alone' Campaign alongside many other charity events for Macmillan. However, Niki's volunteering doesn't stop there! Now, alongside her hugely supportive team at Vantage Solihull, and following their highly successful Coffee Morning Event last year, Vantage Toyota Solihull have been chosen as a MacMillan fundraising partner and will aim to raise a sum of money for MacMillan over the next year.

This is an exciting time for the whole team! Watch this space!


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