UK Automotive 30% Club Conference

The automotive trade in a very male orientated world to work in. This statement may still ring true today but there are things in progress to help level the playing field for both genders and here at Vantage Toyota Solihull we were keen to hear about how we can help to make our workplace more inclusive and attractive to everyone regardless of gender.

The UK Automotive 30% Club is a working group within the 30% Club. This is a voluntary group made up of MDs and CEOs from across the automotive industry, including manufacturing, retailing and supplier companies. Founded by Julia Muir, the groups vision is to achieve a better gender balance within the industry. Their aim is to fill at least 30% of key leadership positions in the member organisations with women by 2030 through a ’30 by 30’ strategy.

Julia herself is the CEO of Gaia Innovation, a company who build relationships between employers, schools and universities. She recognises the importance of changing people’s perceptions of the automotive industry and these changes in perception are important to put into place early on in a young adult’s career.

The UK Automotive 30% Club hosted its second annual conference at Toyota Academy in Derby with over 70 attending, we made sure that we were there to hear what the next steps were for the movement and to see how we can adapt as employers and examples in the industry to help the group achieve its goals.

The day was filled with inciteful speeches from relevant figureheads from both the automotive industry and the wider working world including a speaker from Anglia Ruskin University and a HR professional from Facebook.

We left the day feeling better equipped to take on this important challenge and better informed to understand the psychology and challenges that face both women and employers when trying to improve the gender balance. We can all see the benefits that come from having a diverse workplace and we’re excited to see positive changes in the industry as the scheme achieves it’s goals. 


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